1993-1995 International Baccalaureate with high level biology and biochemistry, Li Po Chun United World College, Hong Kong.

1989-1993 Grades 7-10, International School of Beijing, People’s Republic of China.


2023- Consultant to and part of the Advisory Board, Akusis Ltd.

2021- Consultant to and part of the Scientific Advisory Board, BioWatch Ltd.

2021- Consultant to and part of the Scientific Advisory Board, Omnos Ltd.

2021- Member of the Advisory Board, OneThirtyLabs.

2021-2023 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Flou and SennDaia.

2020-2021 Participation in developing new dietary recommendations from The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and development of a whole food universe with healthy recipes and online cooking classes for The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

2019- Founder of and expert in Umahro Universe.

2018-2019 TV-host and expert in the TV-programme “Kan man spise sig rask?” [Can You Cure Yourself With Food?] on TV2 Denmark.

2018 Poster Presentation “Chronic Lyme Disease Masquerading As Multiple Autoimmune Diseases Over A 7-Year Period” at The Institute of Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference: Solving the Puzzle of Autoimmunity: The Interplay of Gut, Genes, and Environment

2017- Member of research committee formed by Copenhagen University, Southern Danish University and Gentofte Hospital looking to do high-quality research projects on using diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise and lifestyle changes in the management of ADHD.

2015-2016 Member of Medical Advisory Board, My Life Health Skodsborg.

2015- Associated nutrition and health consultant and guide, PFA Health.

2014-2016 Member of Advisory Board, PurePharma.

2014-2015 Ambassador and Lecturer, Functional Sports Nutrition Academy.

2013-2016 Peak Performance & Nutrition Consultant, PurePharma.

2013- Lecturer, DNALife.

2012-2015 Adjunct Professor on the Masters Degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, The University of Western States, Portland, USA.

2012-2014 Associated Director of Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Performance, Team Tinkoff Bank-Saxo Bank.

2012-2014 Culinary and nutritional consultant for ISS cantinas.

2011-2012 Culinary and nutritional consultant to Saxo Bank on their in-house “Feeding Your Mind To Perform” programme with focus on the 2500+ meals served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in their in-house canteen

2011 Culinary and nutritional consultant to TDC on men’s health with specific focus on the food served in their canteens.

2010-2016 Cofounder of Slip Slikket [Let Go Of Your Candy Crawings] w/ Lone “PowerPrincess” Rasmussen. Lectures and workshops on how to choose better and healthier sweets with focus on nutrition, the science of flavour, the neuroscience of appetite and hunger and the emotional reasons for overeating and craving sweets.

2010- Founder, Lecturer and Director of Education, Sundhedsrevolutionær [Health Revolutionaries], an online education for those interested in better health as well as practitioners who want to provide their patients with the very best care.

2010-2015 Cofounder of the concept…move, empower and feed your body in collaboration with leading personal trainers and exercise physiologists Jacob Søndergaard and Anna Bogdanova

2010-2012 Affiliated Director of Nutrition and Neurobiochemistry at The Mindsteps Foundation, a foundation working for optimal treatment of brain-damaged children and children with developmental/behavioural/neurological problems

2010-2011 Cofounder of and Director of Nutrition + R&D in the concept Rationel Diabetes…mindre insulin, mere livsglæde og velsmag [Rational Diabetes Management…Less Insulin, Better Quality of Life and More Flavour]. An organization devoted to teaching children and teenagers with type I diabetes how to best manage their condition via diet and lifestyle so less insulin is necessary.

2010 Online forum host for The Institute For Functional Medicine in March, 2010. Led online discussions and did web-lectures about Functional Medicine, biochemistry and physiology for several hundred cutting edge doctors and health professionals around the world. Also provided individual guidance on optimal treatment of individual patients.

2009-2012 Joint lectures and retreats focusing on how to achieve inner peace and more energy via meditation and healthy cooking in collaboration with Henning Daverne

2009-2011 In-house Director of The Neuroscience of Leadership and Feeding Your Mind To Perform™ on the LEADING YOURSELF programme from The Leadership Company® and for Jesper Elling

2009-2013 Lecturer and in-house consultant on development of probiotics and food supplement for Actavis DK A/S

2009-2010 Joint lectures, articles and TV-appearances w/ Christian Bitz under the heading “Den alternative vs. akademikeren” [The alternative practitioner vs. the academic] at various locations in DK

2008-2016 Lectures on nutrition and mental function on behalf of MindJuice, a coaching company

2008-2010 Gastronomical partner in Intermezzo da Sandra, a catering company making food exclusive based on my 10 “Dietary Commandments” and also offering dairy/glutenfree meals and menus

2008-2010 Head of R&D and Medical Education, Nordic Clinic, Copenhagen.

2007-2013 Co-owner and Head of R&D, Kur Organic Superfoods.

2007-2014 Lectures on dietary prevention, support and self-help for mental disorders and stress on behalf of PsykiatriFonden [The Danish Psychiatrical Foundation] and Landsindsatsen mod depression [The Danish Countrywide Effort To Prevent Depression], various locations in Denmark.

2007- Health and cooking classes. See more here.

2007-2012 Affiliated lecturer, nutritional advisor, medical advisor in Functional Medicine, Specialskolen Bramsnæsvig.

2007-2014 External Nutritional Consultant to Urtekram and Nutana working with product development, employee health, improvement in food served to employees, validation of health claims etc.

2007- 2008 Lectures on using nutrition as part of rehabilitation from learning and attention disorders (ADHD, ADD, Aspergers’ Syndrome and autism) for various remedial schools in Denmark in collaboration with Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir

2007-2008 Lecturer and examinator for Sundhedsalliancen, a temporary 2-yr education qualifying for FADK certification.

2006- Lectures on nutrition and visual disorders on behalf of Øjenforeningen [The Eye Association]

2006- Founder of Sundhedsrevolutionen™. Various lectures, workshops and events related to healthy living, anti-aging, cooking and empowering people to take care of their own health, 

2006-2008 Member of The Quality Control Board of Nordic VMS

2006-2008 Managing Director and co-founder, 10 grunnreglur ehf

2006-2007 Examiner of students at Hover Sundhedshøjskole sitting the exam to become certified Nutritional Councilors.

2006-2007 Lectures in Iceland on “The 10 Dietary Commandments” in collaboration with Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir.

2006-2007 Chef and nutritional advisor, GAM3

2006 Appearances on Go´Morgen Danmark the morning programme on the Danish TV-station TV2. Focus on healthy cooking and nutrition.

2006 Co-host of the TV-show Heil og Sæl on the Icelandic TV-station SkjarEinn together with Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir.

2005-2007 Co-lecturer on nutrition at The Sports Academy in Reykjanesbær (Íþróttaakademían). Co-lecturer Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir.

2005-2007 Lectures and cooking classes for Foreningen Hjerneaktiv

2005-2007 Manager of R&D, Himneskt hollusta ehf (Matrad ehf and Himneskt ehf combined into one company). Co-owner.

2005-2006 Faculty at The International Health Institute of Scandinavia (IHIS)

2005-2006 Forum Host for The Institute for Functional Medicine

2005 Lecture on evolution, genes and inherited dietary and environmental needs at 1st International Symposium On Food and Health, Spjald, Denmark. (Other lecturers were Walter C. Willett, Harvard School of Public Health and Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir, RN and Nutritional Therapist D.E.T.).

2005 Visiting Fellow, MetaMetrix Laboratories, GA, USA.

2004-2008 Consulting for Natural Factors with regards to the legislative aspects of introducing their products in the EU as well as product development.

2004-2007 Lectures on nutritional treatment of various diseases and health problems for health practitioners, both conventional and alternative, on Iceland in collaboration with Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir, nurse and Danish ION Dipl. See

2004-2006 Consultant to Madur Lifandi, Iceland (a health centre incl. a health food shop, a health food café, import and distribution of health foods and food supplements and various practitioners).

2004-2005 Consulting for and lectures on behalf of Anjo A/S, Denmark regarding EFAs, tocopherols and more.

2004-2005 Technical Reviewer on The Textbook of Functional Medicine published by The Institute for Functional Medicine in 2005.

2004-2005 Weekly column on functional medicine, nutrition and biochemistry for the student intraweb at Hover Sundhedshøjskole

2004-2005 Consultant to Matrad ehf and Himneskt, Iceland (development of healthy and functional foods, marketing material and sourcing of ingredients).

2004-2006 Consulting with regards to product selection, evaluation and development on behalf of BioVita A/S

2004 Lectures on the numerous types of reactions to gluten/gliadin, casein and other food proteins on behalf of The Norwegian Protein Intolerance Association

2004 Authored 3 chapters for the “Food-pilot” programme (Kostpilot) from Hover Sundhedshøjskole. The topics covered were diseases of civilization, digestion and the immune system.

2003-2005 Workshops on nutrition rehabilitation at Feeding The Next Generation, London [yearly conference on the links between diet and common health problems in children and adolescents, such as substance abuse, behavioural disorders and obesity]

2002-2003 Co-owner of and Director of Research and Information at Nordic Clinic [functional medicine clinic in Copenhagen]

2002-2006 Lecturer for The Association of Danish Nutritional Councillors for the diploma degree (Kostvejleder FADK, Kostakademiet Hover) and their continual “post-graduate” educational programme.

2001- Clinical Consultant for Nordic Laboratories ApS, the European agent of numerous Functional Medicine Laboratories.

2001- Lecturer for The Association of Danish Nutritional Therapists (the equivalent of Patrick Holford’s Institutes of Nutrition in the UK and the education offered at these).

2001-2004 European Officer of Research and Information, FMD Ltd.

2001-2004 External lecturer on fats, nutrition health, and disease for The Danish School of Heilpraktik

2000-2002 Member of a think tank commissioned by the Danish Dietetic Association, The Danish Ministry of Education, and The Danish Ministry of Culture with the goal of finding new ways to promote healthy eating and living amongst future generations of Danes.

2000-2004 Nutritional advisor to several top-level athletes including Dennis Holbaek Pedersen (IBC Lightweight World Champion; official contender to meet Paul Spadafora for his IBF Lightweight World Championship), Ashira Oure Ewans (current IBA and WBA Middleweight World Champion; IBF Inter-Continental Champion), Laurits Thorning Jacobsen (2001 Ironman World Champion for 35-39 year olds), and Clinton Woods.

2000-2001 Cofounder of Green Tea Festival 2001 to be carried out in partnership with PharmaGreen ApS, Royal Scandinavia, The Japanese Embassy in Denmark, and various other institutions and companies in central Copenhagen from March 12 to March 17, 2001.

2000-2001 Cooking at conventions as well as development of healthy recipes using Martlet cider vinegar, both for DHC A/S.

2000-2002 Healthy catering for weddings, birthdays, confirmations and the like.

2000-2004 Lectures on essential fatty acids and health for Panacea Helse.

2000- Product testing and development as well as consulting for PharmaGreen ApS.

1999- Consultant for Urtekram, the largest Danish producer and distributor of health foods, when needed

1999-2001 Editor and contributor to NetCafeen Mocca.  Currently part of Scandinavia Online A/S.

1999-2001 Lectures on nutrition, healthy cooking, food supplements, and integrative medicine for various chapters of The Danish Dietetic Association, The Danish Multiple Myeloma Association, and Tidslerne, an independent association of Danish cancer patients promoting and investigating holistic treatments.

1999-2001 Live demonstrations of healthy cooking in various health food stores in the Aarhus area.

1999- Nutritional consultant for various patients and athletes in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

1999- Written recipes and articles on healthy cooking regularly for HealthWorld Online featured in the section called “Columns From The Experts”.  This section also features contributions from Dr. Leo Galland and Dr. Andrew Weil amongst others.

1999  Short stint writing articles on healthy cooking for Berlingske Tidende, one of the biggest national Danish newspapers.

1999  TV-chef appearing several times a month on “Go’Morgen Danmark” [Good Mornin’ Denmark] on TV2, the morning program with the most viewers.

1998- Monthly column on healthy cooking for Politiken, one of the biggest national Danish newspapers